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MANY FESTO is a process driven research project focused on developing an interior practice through a series of site-specific interventions; which informed the basis of an expanded approach interior practice and helped develop a ‘many’ festo. Responding to the experience principles outlined in Federation Square’s recent Experience Lab EOI, MANY FESTO contains a series of interior practice developments, initiated from concerns about seeking ‘positive disruptions’ as a guideline for the production of new experiences.

The operation of language is a system of significations, and is shaping the way humans experience and understand the world. This project interrogates the use of language embedded within the Federation Square EOI and the site itself, and reconsiders approaches to languages beyond its linguistic conventions.

Based on weekly (re)visit to the observational points as the central threads, the project unfolds correlative investigations through photography, mappings, annotations, stories, field recordings, sound, image production, written and visual poetry. These approaches formed moments of inter-relations between the interior designer, the space, and the audience, as folds in everyday life. Through site-informed embodied gestures, the project amplified subtle moments in everyday experience, inviting a rethinking of our relationships with space, and the system of language we engage with in dialogue with our surroundings.

MANY FESTO is an ongoing research project that contributes to Joy’s interior practice manifesto.

The project was presented as part of INDEX 22 at the RMIT Design Hub Gallery in 2022.

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