a manifesto, 

establishing an interior practice...

june 2023, in naarm/melbourne

            to involve, include, invert, insist, invite, initiate...
            we create space and let _________ in...

rather than being the most authoritative, we can be the ones with patients, to anticipate and cherish small things that happened in everyday life, and to create authentic connections...

we never truly questioned the systems, until one day we realised the operation of power is imposed upon us and those we care...

we may not know exactly know where things are going just yet, but that is ok too - nothing will lead to something, something may end up nothing, it is all part of the process...

+ embodied knowledge
working with our bodily limits, anticipating the unknowns, allowing the process to (re)define the trajectory
+ (self) overthrow
unlearning the embedded binaries in our systems, embracing a flexible norm
+ situation responsive
making in responding to the specific situation rather than inserting programs that are out of context
+ going slow
taking time to get to know the place, to understand how things work, to develop trust, to build relationships
+ making mistakes
keep experimenting, being open to mistakes along the way and keep going
+ taking care
caring for the land, more-than-humans, humans, and ourselves
+ stay connected
going out for walks, talking to different people, appreciating the tiniest inspiration
+ collective power
inviting intersectional experiences to contribute, mediate and drive in the process
+ resource amplified
using existing power and resources to help amplifying those unheard voices

+ lol
humour is a powerful tool

note: this is a manifesto work in progress. it would and should be continuing to be updated as I'm developing my own practice. any criticism is welcomed.  
©Joy Zhou 2024