Mapping With Touch


“a map holds power of how a place is perceived and presented”
Eyal Weizman, Forensic Architecture

Mapping with Touch is a workshop produced in collaboration with Makushla Harper and Giorgia Pisano, reflected on material communications in design practices and the politics in decision-making. Presented in the form of a map-making workshop at MPavilion, Mapping with Touch introduced audience to creating information through their bodily senses such as texture and touch.

Through this project, we are interrogating the traditional map-making processes:

    from whose perspective was the decision made? 
    who got to make the map?
    maps are often made for wayfinding, but can you make a map that’s personal?

In the first half of the workshop, participants were invited to go for a collaborative walk and wander around the Queen Victoria Garden,  exploring typology, textures and materialities of the site. This iteration of walk is inspired by the act of Dérive, dives into the geography of our environment which was purposefully built, and is psychologically affecting our everyday interactions. 

In the second part of the workshop, the participants were invited to create a three dimentional map with paper pulp and found materials that reflects the sensastions and their walking expereince around the Queen Victoria Garden. Thet were encouraged to challenges how we traditionally perceive a map, and push the boundary of what defines a map.

A series of instructions were also provided to support their explorations.

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